Lubricated system


Copromec integrated lubrication system with the use of its patented lubricant, that drastically reduces the porosity of the die-cast parts. It is suitable for any type of Copromec plunger and fits any diameters (starting from diameter Ø70 to diameter Ø190). The lubrication will be uniform and occur exactly where it is required, also when traditional systems would not be efficient. Thanks to Copromec control unit, the customers can set up the exact lubricant quantity by a fixed and controlled dose, and choose the exact part to lubricate along the shot sleeve axis. Uniform lubrication is made exactly where it is required, where traditional systems can not be used. Lubricate in the required amount, with controlled dosage and at the desired position, along the entire axis of the container.

Control unit

Lubrication control unit

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