We are the official reseller of Copromec products in the US market. We provide all the components for the injection system in the high pressure die casting field: patented plunger tips, lubricated rods, thermoregulated shot sleeves, lubricants and more. Thanks to our high-quality products, our deep know-how and a long experience in the die casting sector, we guarantee to our customers good performances, better quality of the casted parts and a longer life time of each component of the system. These results gain in time as well as cost savings and productivity. Our pragmatic approach has led us to acquire and obtain loyalty from some of the world’s most recognizable automotive manufacturers.


Our new patented system features an excellent tightness, fundamental in the production of automotive structural parts. Benefits include an improved vacuum seal and a significantly longer-life service for the shot sleeve, rod and plunger tip. Our lubricated plunger tips are the result of a quest for continuous innovation, following a vision to meet ever-changing market needs. Additional applications include specific alloys and many other production needs.

Copromec Die Casting
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