Evolution never stops.

Amx’s processing lines are technologically advanced, thanks to the deep know-how and a close relationship with customers that identify our firm. We know very well what market needs and asks for, and we strongly believe in innovation: that’s why one of our goals is to offer products that maintain their flexibility and functionality even in the long term. By evaluating different technological applications and adapting them to create customized solutions, we are always working to go beyond the conventional technologies of the automotive market sector, in order to simplify and optimize each step of the production process.

Adaptive Mechanization.

The international automotive market, as well as thecurrent demand related to it, never stops, and our aim is to find and suggest the best solution for eachrequest. That’s why we constantly work on “adaptive” machinery and give more importance to the electronic technology rather than the mechanical components, in order to modify the equipment and how it reacts just using software codes. In addition to this, Amx strategic providers are carefully selected: high standards are our objective, and this is how we reach them.

Why to choose Amx products.

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    Smart Electronics

    Amx invents and employs high quality electronic products that can be traced long-term on a worldwide foundation, and this allows all the components of the machinery to be interrelated. This extended connectivity enables the exchange of data to intensify, starting with the single component and extending it to the main server that saves all the data. This guarantees a high level of traceability of all the different production phases and conforms to the standards required by the automotive market. The benefits of connectivity: · it enhances the Customer Service and decreases the potential machine down-time, through the telecontrol network; · it accelerates the cabling of machinery, by reducing it to a single network connection between the different elements of the system; · it improves the data collection from the different parts of the system; · it improves and makes diagnostics faster; . it makes the machine functionalities easily and quickly changeable; · production levels are improved.

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    Mechanics and LwR Robotics

    Amx employs mechanical solutions and applications that have been specifically projected to satisfy all the production needs. The innovative LwR robotic technology can also be implemented in the mechanical processes, that enables for a strong possibility of adaptation during processes and to produce “open space” machinery, with significant benefits. Through its sensory abilities, the LwR technology is able to detect and solve any mistake that could happen during the mechanical assembly process, too. This fact reduces the need for inventing and creating further equipment, which until now was still essential.

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    Thanks to its IT Dept., Amx develops its own software internally, paying close attention to improving the ease of use. Amx software is better because: · the user can trust in high level graphic instructions that guide him/her during the production process. This guarantees the right sequence of the production phases, too (Poka Yoke technology); · in order to be user-friendly, it has an immediate guided messaging facility, that transmits clear information during each phase of the production process; · it has deactivating facilities with passwords for each single component of the machinery to guarantee continuous production, even in case of anomalies; · it has a record of traceability to track modifications made by operators; · a high level of data (processing values, modifications, images of acquisitions etc) can be archived thanks to its powerful database; · 3D graphics permit a better vision of the interface; · Its intuitive menu makes the system easy to understand, even in case of operators change; · Thanks to a cloud technology, it backs all the functions up. Amx utilizes its own standard software, that facilitates both the maintenance and upgrade of applications. It guarantees the exchange of technical developments in any situation, too. By telecontrol on every level of machinery, Amx software is easy to manage and it can also find out remotely other possible improvements in the process.

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    Design and Lean 3D Invention

    Amx invents its own machinery using the lean procedure, to ensure maximum adaptability, as well as high quality and long-lasting products. It’s also focused on the maintenance of an easy and safe-careful process, as well a pleasing design. Thanks to the LwR technology, the “open space” design of the machinery cancel any barriers between the operator and the process: in this way the production will get levels much higher, something that until today was impossible.

Fields of application

Amx machines are mainly employed in all those sectors where the product industrialization is required. Most of our customers belong to the automotive industry, as the production levels required in that field are very high and the automation is necessary. But that’s not all: the traceability of the products is an important aspect as well. Our machines are used in areas where traceability has a vital importance, such as the medical field, aerospace or the white goods industry.

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