We are the official sales representative of AMX Automatrix automation solutions in the US market. We offer assembling and testing systems, as well as technologically advanced stations and lines for component assembly, employed in several fields such as automotive, medical, white goods and aerospace. Thanks to a significant state of adaptability, AMX patented X Smart modules and machines can be adjusted on customer’s requests in order to ensure optimal levels of productiveness and quality. Amx machines are made utilizing Industrial Grade innovation.


Our mission is to provide the top-of-the range processing machines, where technologies and ergonomic design are combined together to create optimal solutions. We think there are no limits to innovation, and that’s why we’re always working on going beyond the technical conventions in the automation sector. We stand on any competitor in the automation sector, thanks to our productive philosophy and to the way we invest in research: this aspect indeed is for us the main foundation of all our theories and works, and we believe it is absolutely essential to ensure our customers with the most innovative, progressed, and trustworthy machines.

Amx Automatrix
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